Sherpa Births

As the sherpa lightens the load, supporting the team to make navigating the way easier, I am a doula, being here for individuals and couples on their personal journey bringing new lives into the world. I am also open to supporting through other life-changing challenges.

Why choose a doula?

'Doula' is a Greek word dating back to antiquity for a woman who serves other's needs, somebody who is there for another person. 

A birth doula is present to listen to you, reassure and support you and your partner through any or all of the parts of your birth journey: preconception, pregnancy, birth and your life with your new baby. 

A doula can also be there for life-changing moments in life: puberty, separation, menopause, loss and death.

A hand held out for when you need as you find your own way through the challenges and choices that lie along the way.

A doula is someone who gets to know you personally and is there to help you feel listened to in an unbiased way, reassured and feel safe and who can let you know about a wide range of healthcare and physical and mental wellbeing specialists available for your specific needs.

What do doulas do?

• Listen to your dreams, hopes and concerns as you find your way along your personal parenthood journey.
 • Become a resource connecting you with professionals and organisations supporting  individuals, couples and families before and after birth and at other times of life change.

 • Provide links to evidence based and unbiased information taken from respected organisations such as Evidence Based Birth, and World Health Organisation, .

 • Offer ways to help the birther feel more comfortable before and during labour: breathing, visualisation, movement, acupressure, massage and Rebozo techniques for pain relief, according to your wishes.
• Empower the partner, for example with the use of the above techniques during pregnancy, early labour and labour. 
• Support the partner through the birth, reassuring them that continuous care is being provided to the mother if they need to take a break during intense or long labours.

  • Provide a reassuring presence for the new mother and family during the early days of motherhood, listening and supporting her through the new challenges, providing contact to health professionals such as lactation consultants and osteopaths, when necessary.
 •  Connect pregnant, new and experienced mothers through local support communities, help facilite groups to ensure women feel fully respected whatever their experiences and decisions.

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ripples, gentle little waves, instantly changing everything

About me

My motherhood journey has taken me through different lands and cultures where I have had the pleasure and privilege to  develop deep connections and respect for people from everywhere.

I recognise from my own experience the need for both individual and collective support to help meet the new challenges faced, especially when you have few or no close family and friends to help. During the emotional roller-coaster of parenthood, or other life-changing experiences, there is a heightened need to feel valued and cared for by people you can trust around you. 

My journey is my journey and I feel ready, as a doula, to offer, to give, to serve the needs of those who request my presence, offering comfort, support and reassurance throughout the experience while you make the decisions that work for you.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and French and believe in kindness and respect above all!

Life is precious, let's work out how to bring out the special essence of our experiences!